These terms of use apply to membership in Move About and rental of electric vehicles. The Agreement is entered between the customer (“Customer”) and Move About AS (“MAAS”).
Information about Move About AS:
Organisation number:
       991 905 421
       Move About AS 
       Postboks 2510 Solli
       0202 Oslo
       +47 958 07000

The Customer must be employed by DNV, over 18 years old, hold a valid driving license in Norway, and accept the terms in this Agreement.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that their name, phone number, and e-mail address are correct at any given time.

The Customer may use vehicles for work related travel and private use.

Membership in MAAS gives the Customer the right to rent electric vehicles through http://dnv.moveabout.no. As a member, the Customer has a personal user profile and personal key card which give access to vehicles in the MAAS fleet.

Membership in MAAS is free of charge and a prerequisite for renting electric cars.

The Customer can rent the vehicles free of charge for work related travel.

Outside regular business hours (08 – 17, Monday – Friday), the Customer may rent the vehicles for personal use. Prices for private rental will be presented as part of the purchasing process at http://dnv.moveabout.no. MAAS and the Customer will establish a payment agreement for personal use.

The rental price includes:

  • Insurance according to terms described in § 10 INSURANCE
  • Unlimited mileage
  • 24-timers roadside assistance
  • Customer support on +47 958 07000

MAAS shall ensure that the reserved vehicle is ready to be picked up at the agreed time and place. The vehicle shall be in good mechanical condition and have sufficient battery capacity for the planned trip. Small damage and normal wear and tear is to be expected, and can not be defined as deficiencies.

The Customer may not pick up a vehicle without having made a reservation in advance.

Before the reservation begins, the Customer will receive an SMS from MAAS with information about which vehicle is reserved. After receiving the SMS, the customer may unlock the vehicle and start the vehicle. The Customer shall bring the charge cable from the station during the rental period.

At the end of the reservation, the Customer must park the car at one of the available parking spaces at the same rental station at which the car was picked up. The Customer shall lock the car and place it on charge, and leave the key in the car. The vehicle is considered returned when the procedure described above is followed.

The vehicle shall only be driven by the Customer that made the reservation.

The Customer is responsible for normal maintenance during the rental period, and shall heed all warning lamps in the vehicle. Normal maintenance includes following warning lamps and ensuring correct tire pressure. In case of uncertainty, the Customer can direct question to MAAS.

The Customer shall treat the vehicle carefully and not cause damage. The vehicle shall be returned in the same condition in which it was picked up. Smoking and animals are not allowed in the car.

The Customer may not use the car for:

  • Driving off road or on places closed to the public
  • Transport of people or goods for payment
  • Rental to third party
  • Competitions, speed trials or other forms of test driving
  • Driver training
  • Towing other vehicles

The Customer shall not use the vehicle for illegal activities or in an illegal manner, including:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or medication.
  • Transport of more people or goods than allowed by vehicle registration
  • In any other manner using the vehicles in conflict with road laws, traffic rules or other legislation.

The vehicle may not be taken out of Norway without written permission from MAAS.

The Customer is responsible for paying any speeding fines, parking tickets or similar fines that occur during the rental period. Should the Customer not pay the bills directly, MAAS will charge an additional kr 200,- fine when collecting payment from the Customer.

The Customer is responsible for checking the car for any visible damage before the vehicle is driven from the station. Failure to report any vehicle damage to MAAS before the end of the reservation will result in Customer losing the right to claim for damages.

Given that it would be discovered in a normal visual inspection, damage that occurred before the reservation began but was not reported to MAAS by Customer will be considered to have occurred during the reservation.

During the reservation period and until the vehicle is returned correctly, the Customer bears full responsibility for the vehicle and its use. MAAS will regularly inspect the vehicles for damage and register these.

The Customer will be responsible for all damage which occurs in the rental period. The maximum insurance excess through damage or theft is described in § 10 INSURANCE.

For rental of vehicles for work related travel:

  • Insurance excess will be covered by DNV
  • DNV is responsible for any expenses incurred by MAAS, for example for cleaning, repair or transport, because of exterior or interior damage or damage incurred during the rental period, limited to insurance excess described in § 10 INSURANCE. Damage not covered by insurance shall be covered entirely by DNV

If the Customer has shown wilful misconduct or gross negligence, and circumstances do not provide a basis for reduction of responsibility, the Customer is wholly responsible for any and all damages. This also applies to instances in which insurance does not apply.

All damage, technical faults or accidents shall be reported by the Customer to MAAS by calling +47 958 07000. Outside phone hours, the Customer will get automated information on what procedure to follow.

In case of theft, fire, vandalism or injury to persons or animals, the Customer shall report incidents to the police. The Customer shall always fill out insurance report forms and not leave the vehicle without following appropriate safety measures. Insurance report forms shall be sent to MAAS as quickly as possible.

If the Customer neglects to uphold their responsibilities in case of damage, the Customer is responsible for any additional costs that may occur as a consequence of the damage, which can be traced to the neglect.

The following insurance terms apply:

  • The insurance applies for the Customer who is driving the vehicle during the reservation period.
  • For the insurance to apply, the Customer must be at least 18 years and hold a valid driving license.
  • The insurance covers damage to people and things caused by the vehicle.
  • The insurance applies in Norway
  • Insurance excess for private rentals are: kr 2.000,- for glass damage and kr 10.000,- for other damages. Insurance excess for private rentals are covered by the member.
  • Insurance excess for work related trips will be covered by DNV GL.

The Insurance does not cover:

  • Damage incurred while driving on a closed circuit or track while participating in timed events or time trials, or by other driving on such places in non-timed events.
  • Damage caused by the Customer with intent.
  • Damage cause by the Customer through wilful misconduct or gross negligence
  • Damage caused when the vehicle is driven by the Customer while under the influence of intoxicating or sedatives substances.
  • Lost earnings

Membership can be terminated by calling customer service on +47 958 07000 or by sending an e-mail to kundeservice@moveabout.no

The Customer may terminate his/her membership at any time.

All information collected by MAAS is used to proved car sharing services and is treated confidentially. MAAS will use GPS data to locate vehicles that are not returned at the end of the rental period, stolen, or in another manner misplaced, or for internal requirements.

MAAS will use personal information about the Customer in order to meet obligations in the Agreement, develop and analyse the mobility service and aggregate data for statistical purposes. In addition, the Customer may give MAAS permission to send marketing material about the service to Customer’s registered e-mail address, without first purging names in the central reservation register.

MAAS will strive to deliver a good quality service at all times.

Compensation for any expenses or losses incurred by Customer as a result of breach can only be claimed if MAAS has shown wilful misconduct or gross neglect or there is a serious breach of contract. Indirect commercial losses, hereunder disruption of operations, loss of use, lost income, or costs following damage to anything other than the vehicle, can only be claimed if the loss is a result of wilful misconduct by an MAAS employee.

MAAS will not accept responsibility for damage or losses or property that Customer or any person has left in the vehicle during the rental period, or after the vehicle has been returned.

No reimbursement or compensation will be provided beyond what is mandated by applicable law. If the defect is substantial, the Customer may terminate this Agreement.

All complaints must be submitted within a reasonable time.

MAAS reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Customer’s membership if any of the above terms are breached.

All questions about the service, technical problems or complaints about MAAS services or payments can be directed to MAAS customer service by calling 815 69 966 or by sending an e-mail to kundeservice@moveabout.no. MAAS will strive to answer all inquiries within a reasonable time..

MAAS may change the terms of this agreement. If any significant changes are made, the Customer shall be warned at least 30 days before changes take effect, with the exception of changes made due to comply with legal and regulatory requirements which cannot be made within the 30 day warning period.

The Customer shall inform MAAS about any changes in contact information or other relevant information about their membership, either by logging in to http://dnv.moveabout.no or calling customer service. The Customer is responsible for any fines or costs incurred as a consequence of incorrect contact information.

The Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with Norwegian law. Disputes shall be resolved by negotiation. Any disputes not settled amicably, may be brought before the ordinary courts. The Oslo City Court / Oslo Conciliation Board is adopted as the jurisdiction.