Join Move About

Driving licence

For insurance purposes, Move About needs a copy of your driving license before your membership can be activated.

When a valid driver's license is confirmed, your membership will be activated and you will be able to book a car.

Agree to terms

Terms of Use, Short Summary

The Customer:

  • must be employed in DNV GL, over 18 years old, have a valid drivers license in Norway (klasse B), and approve the terms of use.

Move About's responsibilities

  • Move About shall ensure that the reserved car is ready to be picked up by the Customer at the agreed time and place.  The vehicle shall be in good technical condition and have sufficient battery capacity for the Customer's estimated driving distance.

Use of the vehicle:

  • The vehicle may only be driven by the Customer who has made the reservation.
  • The Customer must return the vehicle to the same location at which it was picked up.
  • The Customer shall check the vehicle for and visible damage before the vehicle is driven.
  • The Customer shall treat the vehicle with care, and not cause damage. The vehicle shall be returned in the same condition as when it was picked up. Smoking and animals are not allowed in the vehicles.
  • The Customer shall not drive under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or medication which prohibits the use of heavy machinery.

Customer's responsibility:

  • DNV GL will be charged for any insurance excess.
  • The Customer is responsible for paying any speeding tickets, parking tickets or similar fines.
  • All damage, technical problems, and accidents shall be reported to Move About.
  • In case of accidents or vehicle breakdown, the Customer must complete and return an insurance accident report (skademelding) and make sure the vehicle is safely parked.

Personal Information:

  • Personal information collected by Move About is treated confidentially, and is only used as necessary to delivery mobility services.
  • GPS position data is used to locate vehicles that have not been returned by the end of the rental period, or are believed to be stolen or missing.  Move About also provides DNV GL with statistics on driving distance and vehicle useage.  Historic position data is not stored.