1: Book a car

Log on and let us know when you need a car and how far you are planning to drive.

3 minutes before your trip begins, you will receive an SMS with the license plate of the car reserved for you.


2: Pick up the car

Unlock the car by answering the SMS with your 4-digit PIN code (which you can find on My profile). The car key is in a plug in the glove box in front of the passenger seat.


3: Remove the charge cable

Unplug the charge cable in both ends and put it in the trunk.  You may want to charge while you're away from the office!


4: Drive

Get in, buckle up, and turn the key / push the Start button. Have a great trip!


5: Accident or breakdown?

Call Move About on +47 958 07000 for help and instruction.


6: Return the car and put on charge

Empty any personal belongings from the car, and make sure to take any trash with you. Remember to put the car on charge, so that it has enough electricity for the next user!

Finally: Return the key to the holder in glove box! The doors will lock automatically after you close the door.



You must be an approved member to use the cars

If you want to drive, register today!

Ensure that the car is in good condition

We ask that you quickly check the car before you begin to drive. Any damage should be reported to Move About. Failure to report damage may result in you being held personally responsible for accidents.

Return the cars at the agreed time (or earlier)

To make sure that the next customer gets a car as agreed, please make sure to return the car at the agreed time.

Reporting problems, accidents and breakdowns

Problems, accidents and breakdowns should be reported to Move About as quickly as possible on 815 69 966. Remember to fill out an insurance accident report skademelding) in case of accident.

Remember the charge cable

Move About uses zero emissions electric cars whenever possible.  To ensure thaht the cars always have sufficient battery capacity, they must be put on charge between reservations. When you pick up the car, make sure to take out teh charge cable and put it in the back of the vehicle.  You may want to charge while you're away.  When returning the vehicle at the end of the reservation, it is important that you put the car on charge.

Electric cars: Toll roads, parking and bus/taxi lanes

Toll roads, tunnels, bridges, and ferries are all free of charge with electric cars in Norway.  Just drive right through! Parking in public spaces is also free, but remember that time limitations (”max 2 hours”, for example) still apply.  Remember to set the parking disk in the front windshield to the time at which you have parked the car. If the car has digital parking timer the user of the car is responsible to control that the timer is working properly and is set correct. Note that electric cars have to pay for private parking run by operators such as Q-Park and EuroPark. The Customer is responsible for paying any parking fees and fines in the rental period.  Electric cars can drive in bus/taxi lanes in Noway.

No smoking

It is not permitted to smoke in Move About cars.

No animals

Out of consideration to people with allergies and to hold vehicles clean, is it not permitted to transport animals in Move About cars.

Keep the cars clean

Move About regularly washes the cars inside and out.  To help keep the cars as clean and tidy as possible, we would appreciate if you could bring any trash with you when you return the cars.

Complete terms of use here.